Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Hire a Video Professional For Your Wedding


Obtain glowing recommendations from friends, family and prospective videographers themselves.
Plan to interview three to five video professionals.
Ask to see a demo tape/dvd of their work to ascertain the quality of their shooting and editing skills.
Check their credentials. Who will be doing the actual taping? How many years have they worked in the business? Do they know details about lighting?
Inquire about their equipment, look for a video pro who uses an HD or digital cameras, that combines professional controls with lower light capabilities.
Discuss technical details that you would like added to the video, such as computer-generated animation. Ask to see examples of what the videographer has to offer.
Talk to the videographers about the types of shots you would like to include, such as reactions of guests and certain camera angles. Do they have the experience to catch all the right shots?
Ask yourself if you like the prospective videographer as a person. Remember, he or she will be interviewing your loved ones and shadowing you throughout the day.
The videographer should draw up a comprehensive contract that includes a description of the coverage location; the date and times of production; the names the specific individuals who will be doing the taping; a technical description of what will be done, such as multi-camera use and editing; how much you will pay and when; responsibility for the materials if lost or destroyed; the approximate finished length; and the final completion date.Make sure you are not fooled by packages that contain the words "In Camera Editing", that is not edited with a computer. All professional videographers do not do that, it makes for cheaper pricing but has no quality.Contact us for more tips on how to hire a professional videographer, and check out our footage on our web site.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sea Shell Place Cards

Sea Shell Place Cards
For the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding

Great way to invite people to dinner Sand Dollar Place Cards with the Name of the Guest and the Table number on the Shell. As your guests leave the cocktail hour they can find their name in a beautiful sand box full of these darling treasurers.

It is a nice little keep sake and if you put a sweet little bow at the top a Christmas Tree ornament that will remind them of your wedding day for years to come.

Ask your wedding planner to put one together for your Perfect Florida Beach Wedding.

We sale and ship this item to you up on request.
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Sue Totterdale

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wedding Candy Stations

Wedding Candy Stations

You can have fun hunting down unique clear glass vases to create your favorite wedding candy station. Your guests will love it and it's fun. You can find candy in almost any shape and size in your wedding colors on the Internet.

Keep in mind that you will need to order boxes, small bags or to go cartons for each guest. You will need to order enough candy to fill the collection of jars you find at places like Old Time Pottery, Garage Sales, Michael's. Put it together a couple of weeks before the wedding so that if you need a bit more candy you will have time to order.

You want to have plenty of small serving spoons or scoops next to each jar. Your consultant, caterer or reception location may offer candy stations as part of your wedding package.

You will need three to four servings per-person. Everybody has a sweet tooth when it comes to a wedding. You may want a candy station in place of individual favors. Most of the time it is in addition to the favors at each place setting.

Have fun.
Sue Totterdale
Florida Weddings Online

Signature Wedding Reception Cocktails

Signature Wedding Recepton Cocktails

Personalize your reception by adding a Signature Drink for the Cocktail Hour.
Try a Ice Blue Martini at your wedding on the beach. Really set's the mood for a great time and your guests will talk about it for a long time.

Make sure you do a tasting with your caterer to see if you like the flavor of the drink you choose.
Try to keep in mind that it should be a flavor that most of your guests will enjoy. Because once they see them they will want to give it a try.

You will be looking out over a sea of your personalized signature wedding cocktail. Just another way to add a bit of your own personal touch to your wedding day.

Sue Totterdale
Florida Weddings Online

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your Wedding Day DVD/Video

Your Wedding Day Video
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Do you expect to remember all the wonderful sights and sounds from your Wedding Day? You will, when you choose to have a professional Wedding Video.
Your photo album will display you like a bridal magazine fashion model. With each picture you will recall a memory. Your DVD will make you the star of your own movie. With each scene you will RELIVE a memory. The beaufitul smiles, the sincere emotions, and the loving vows and toasts will all come back to life. This is your family heirloom. Imagine if you could see and hear the Wedding Day of your parents or grand parents. This is a gift for you and your family – today and for future generations.
Couples often call their Wedding Day a “whirlwind.” With all the excitement, activities, and guests it is impossible to experience and remember it all. Be assured the video will help you relive and share the day’s joys any time you wish. It is important that your Wedding Day is preserved on video by professionals. They will be in the right place at the tight time with the right equipment, and they will be inconspicuous. But hire them carefully: ask about their experience, the number of cameras and operators they use, and how they dress.
See many samples of their work, check their references, and make sure their contract addresses arrival and departure times, extra copies, deposits, and when your video will be completed. Hiring a quality professional is a gift to yourself. You need not worry about missing any part of your special day, it will be there for you to RELIVE in your Wedding Day Movie.
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