Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Budget

Your Wedding Budget

Weather you have a large or small wedding you want to start with a budget. Your consultant can walk you through this process. It takes a bit of time but well worth the time invested.

Budgets should be set on your standard wedding purchases: Consultant, The Ceremony, Wedding Attire, Photography, Videography, Stationery, Reception, Music, Bakery, Flowers, Decorations, Transportation, Rental, Gifts, Parties, Rehearsal, Miscellaneous, honeymoon, Rings.

Once you have made your list of wedding service and the estimated cost, sit down with your consultant and they will go over the list with you to adjust the pricing to fit your vision. Consultants work with wedding professionals all the time and can make suggestions on quality and price changes.

Then you will have a great feel for the total expence of your wedding day. If you are paying for your own wedding or your parents are working with you a good budget it the best way to start. It will give you a great guide line and help keep you on track with your wedding.

The best tip I can give you is that once you have a deposit down on all the items on your budget list.
Stop buying. Inpulse buying can be the down fall of any wedding. If you fall in love with somthing new, check with your consultant go over it with her/him and see where you want to change your over all budget.


Sue Totterdale

Florida Weddings Online.