Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Bouquets

Bouquet Jewelry
A new trend in Bridal Bouquets - Bouquet Jewelry! Whether you’re going to go with Swarovski Crystals Monograms, Dainty Pearls, your Grandmothers Rosary, Tiny Star Fish, or Miniature Sea Shells...bouquets are taking on a whole new look.

Current trends for bouquet arrangements allow brides to personalize their choices from loosely arranged long stemmed, wine colored calla lilies to traditional white or cream roses. Many brides add dimension to their look with diversity in their choice of flowers and colors. – The classic black magic roses, or a sea side bouquet comprised of a colorful mix tiny sea shells and flowers, blue Veronica, Hydrangea, or Delphiniums. The unique bright green, orange, pink flowers will brightne up any wedding. Another personal touch might be to carry a cherished miniature bible, wedding purse or beautiful antique fan with flowers attached, in lieu of a traditional bouquet.

When thinking about your flowers… here is a cost saving tip for you! Tell the wedding consultant or florist what your wedding colors are and your budget for flowers… then let her make suggestions. Seasonal flowers can save money and get you more bang for your buck! If you are not familiar with the costs of flowers, your consultant/ florist can help you adjust your budget or offer suggestions for a wonderful bouquet at a price you will be happy with.

Looking for a sweet way to include your mother in the ceremony… ask your florist to place a single flower for each mother loosely in your arrangement so that it can be easily removed during the ceremony. Work with your officiant to add to the ceremony a moment of recognition for each mother by giving her a flower from your bouquet. It will certainly be a cherished moment for both your mother and your future mother in law!

Some brides choose to honor a loved one who can't be with them or a parent that has passed away, with a totally different flower in the center of your bouquet in remembrance of that person and the officiant can make mention of it during the ceremony.

One of my favorite moments in working with brides, is to see the look on her face when her bouquet is revealed to her. Usually she is just about to get into her wedding dress, her hair is still in rolls, and the anticipation is starting to build; but the bouquet, for just a few moments, causes her to pause and appreciate the beauty of what she has worked so hard to create on such a busy, exciting day. It is honestly one of the sweetest moments I have the wonderful opportunity to share with them on their special day.

Sue Totterdale
Florida Weddings Online

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